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All of our cattle are bred and raised in Rice, Washington.

They graze on our farm's pasture land and our very own alfalfa hay grown right here on the farm.


Cow/Calf Pairs on Summer Range

Yearling Calves on Orchard Grass Pasture


Harvest 16 month old calves in mid-July

Product available early August


Transition from summer range to locally grown alfalfa

Following weaning, calves are also put on alfalfa diet


Off of range

In winter feeding area

Eating locally grown alfalfa


New calves arrive!

in pasture.JPG



8 way Booster Vaccines

Injectable Mineral Supplement

Treated for parasites



Injectable Mineral Supplement


Vitamin Injection

8 way vaccine

Pneumonia Vaccine

Antibiotics Used Only To Treat a Sick Animal.

No Artificial Hormones Ever



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Products available:



Split Half 

Family Value Pack

Barbecue box

Daisy Burger Bundle

Daisy Mini Burger Bundle

First Time Ordering Bulk Beef straight from the farmer?
Here's what you should know:


Terminology and Costs:

Hanging Weight: This is how much the animal weighs after it has been slaughtered. Hanging weight is mostly meat, but still includes bones. This is where the per-pound cost comes from.
Pounds of Retail Cuts Weight: Pounds of weight you will actually take home to your freezer.


What will I really get?

Smokey Ridge Detailed Cut Summary

SUMMARY OF OPTIONS: Estimated weights provided are bone-in and based on a steer with a hanging weight around 550 lbs.

They are meant to give you a general idea of what you might receive and do not guarantee anything. Cut Choices are listed.

  • Brisket (8-10 lbs/animal) – Whole, Halves, or Ground

  • Chuck (20-30 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Rib (24-30 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Loin (15-18 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Tri-Tip (5 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Top Sirloin (10 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Sirloin Tip (6 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Rump (30 lbs/animal) – Roasts or Steaks

  • Shank – Ground or Steaks (Osso Buco)

  • Flank (2-4 lbs/animal) – Steak or Ground

  • Short Ribs (24 lbs/animal) – Yes or No

  • Ground Meat (100-120 lbs/animal) – Yes or No

  • Stew Meat – Yes or No

  • Bones – Yes or No

  • Offal/Suet – Yes or No

  Quick Rundown of the Process:

  1. Decide whether you will be purchasing a whole beef, half beef, or a quarter.  Quarter cuts are not customizable. They will be standard cuts.

  2. Place your non-refundable deposit that goes toward your final cost.

  3. We schedule your beef to go to the butcher.

  4. Work with Smokey Ridge to customize your cuts.

  5. Once your beef goes to the butcher, it takes 2 weeks for processing.

  6. We will contact you for delivery arrangements. Finished product will be available the first week of August 2023.

  7. Enjoy!

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